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We are riding l'iluy nishmas our mother Hadi Gross, Freida Chedva bas Yaakov Tuvia a"h.


Malky Goldfeder
Robert Davis
Daniel Goldfeder
Avromi Gross
Gila Davis
Shoshana Salzberg

We are riding l’iluy nishmas our mother Hadi Gross, Freida Chedva bas Yaakov Tuvia a”h. Morah Chedva, as she was warmly called by the many families of children that she taught, was a role model of love and caring.

She embodied Emuna and bitachon in Hashem. She lived a life of Torah, tznius and a constant want and desire to be a better person.  She was always interested in any chizuk offered to her to be a better, wife and mother.  She was there for her children always in any way possible and would do anything for them.  Family meant everything to her and she is greatly missed by them all.

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