About Project Gesher

Gesher Early Childhood CenterProject Gesher is committed to providing resources and funding to help Yeshiva Day School students who struggle to fully succeed in the typical classroom setting.

As a community focused organization, Project Gesher is able to connect to Educational and Communal leaders to understand the needs of our neighborhood.




Project Gesher’s services include:

Scholarship and Educational Support Funds

The main thrust of Project Gesher’s allocation of funds is to help defray the tuition costs for children whose learning styles require them to seek a more supportive environment.

This is done through the general scholarship fund in addition to the recently initiated Michelle Rubinstein Scholarship Fund. The Rubinstein fund was created l’iluy nishmas Ariella Michal a”h bas Avraham Yitzchak t”ch, who passed tragically in the summer of 2015 several weeks after the birth of her third child. Michelle, a special education teacher at the On Our Way Learning Center, was pained to see that her students, children from our community, were not always able to receive proper support due to financial concerns.


Project Gesher works closely with the Gesher Early Childhood Center as well. Gesher ECC opened its doors in the fall of 2012 with seventeen students in two classes and currently has over seventy children in five classes, including two classes of Pre1A. Project Gesher is proud of its relationship with Gesher ECC and with their shared commitment to provide a model of individualized educational planning in a professional and effective manner. Gesher ECC’s collaborative inter-disciplinary approach, combined with its Yeshiva Day School curriculum creates the perfect bridge to meet the needs of its students.



Community Workshops

Through its network of highly qualified educators, related service providers, and communal connections Project Gesher is able to identify topics and obtain presenters to benefit the entire community. Workshops for providers are geared towards professional development and continuing education. Workshops for parents address educational concerns, behaviors and emotional health, and parental guidance.

Transition services

As part of its goal to see all children succeed in the typical classroom, Project Gesher provides transition services for children who are entering the Yeshiva day School system.

Project Gesher provides funding and resources for children who have not yet entered the Yeshiva Day School system and require additional preparation in order to transition successfully.

Post transition, Project Gesher employs staff who collaborate with the administration and faculty of the new Yeshiva to ensure that the child continues to succeed in his new environment.

Engaging New Resources

Project gesher is constantly on the lookout for new resources and services to introduce to the community. As new theories, methods, and strategies are made available Project Gesher actively searches for professionals, from within the community and from without, to administer those techniques and to provide training to better service our children.